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Municipal Operations Services

Municipal Operations Excellence (MOE), is a business consulting firm that assists municipal/finance executives and public works managers. Our goal is to help you solve everyday business problems. In today's volatile economic times it is critical to analyze and mitigate all operational risk, operate more efficiently with less resources, and transform your organization for the future. Elected Officials and their Tax/Rate payers expect your organization to be run using private business practices. The leaders in our field manage their public works organizations like a business. If you have any doubt about your organization let us help you.

The list of services we provide to our clients can be found in the links to the left. Our services can be customized based on your needs. They can be performed as bundles or individually.

How MOE will Meet or Exceed Our Customers Expectations

Expectation MOE Advantage Benefit to Customer
Unbiased Evaluation
  • Managed Municipal Utilities as a Public Official and Private Contractor
  • Understands Municipal Finance
  • MOE provides a fresh set of eyes and ideas focused on your success

MOE will be a Trusted Unbiased Partner that will Provide an Immediate Return on Investment (ROI)

Risk Mitigation

  • Understands Municipal Public Works Risk Profile
  • Can Evaluate Operational, Financial and Legal Risk
  • Risk Mitigation Expert

MOE's Evaluation will Eliminate Internal and External Exposure to Clients

Cost Effective

  • Better than Competitive Pricing
  • Low Overhead
  • Always Available to Clients

MOE will Provide an Immediate ROI, an Evaluation You Can Trust and Make Decisions With and is Available 24/7 to Customers