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Are you Competitive with the Private Sector?

We believe that Public Works Organizations and Municipal Government should be managed like a business. Municipal government comparable to private business lives by its balance sheet or ledger. In many cases, it’s all about the money! But don’t forget quality, customer service, reliability, and availability.

Tax funds, water/sewer rates and other fees depict what types of services you can provide the citizens of your communities.

How do you think you rank at providing these services verses your peers? Are you getting the most services for the funds paid by your citizens, tax and rate payers? Could you be doing things differently? If the government you are responsible for were a private business, how would it be perceived? Your community is full of blue and white-collar people, do you believe thay think you are doing a good job?

How would you answer these tough questions?

In many cases, the general populace believes that the private sector does a better job than the public sector in providing municipal services. We believe this is not true and that in some cases, the private sector could learn a lot from its public counterparts.

But you cannot do this unless you know how competitive you are with the private sector.

Your workers may not have the training required to perform certain tasks, but with training could perform very well. You could be outsourcing work that staff could do with proper training and tools. New training and tools could provide a quick return on investment.

This is exactly what we do when we evaluate your departments for competitiveness.

We find the proper and most cost effective blend of private outsourcing (Operations, Consulting Engineering and Legal) to complement your existing staffing levels. So when a citizen or the regulatory community asks 'are your departments competitive with the private sector?" You can say "yes" with confidence.