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Change Management Implementation

Economics, public services, environment and quality of life, the demands on public works are greater than ever. Now more than before, municipal managers need companies that understand their business problems and are willing to assist in helping them managing their Public Works departments and infrastructure assets.

Change is very difficult and especially in public service. The adage “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it” is not acceptable in the public eye today. If you are not attempting to improve your municipal organization you may be scrutinized. Therefore, it is critical to evaluate your municipality, find areas to improve and measure your performance. Most of the citizens you serve are held to these standards on a daily basis and expect the people managing the public infrastructure to do the same.

The good news is you can achive change and lasting improvement!

MOE will evaluate your organization from the "ground up", focusing on your organization's structure and infrastructure. Then we will recommend departmental changes that will reduce costs, increase revenue, optimize staff, design and implement technologies to streamline maintenance management and train the existing staff to operate your assets in the most cost effective manner.

Additionally, MOE can provide you with a "low cost" annual maintenance or "tune-up" plan, guaranteeing operation and maintenance efficiency and underground asset condition and performance services (normally outsourced to a engineering consulting firm) at greatly reduced fees because MOE does not carry a heavy "overhead" burden.