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Have you planned for the Future?

We in the Public Works field are at crisis point with planning for the future. There is a looming shortage of experienced public works management, customer service, and labor talent. Our talented workers are aging and are readying for retirement.

A 2007 APWA survey on succession planning showed that 60% of the public works professionals who responded, identified themselves as "being within 10 years of retirement." If possible, you need your current talent to train your future workers. If not, you must, at the least, obtain all of the information from your workers in a way that makes them part of solving this crisis.

We talk about competitiveness and it's importance but if we don't begin planning for the future you will be unable to successfully provide the vital services you do now.

Young people today do not see the value of the services you offer and their sustainability. They do not understand the vast amount of opportunities there are in the public works field. You have an opportunity to change this with proper planning.

How To Get The Talent of Today to Train Your Wokers of Tomorrow.