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Municipal On Call Advisement

How Would You Like to have a Public Works Business Expert on Your Staff?

MOE can provide you with that without having to pay for benefits, pensions, high overhead and will be there when you need us.

When I was a municipal manager I would have loved to have a public works business expert who had been there and done that as an advisor.

An unbiased expert to seek advice from. An expert to bring to internal or public meetings for support. An advisor that you can rehearse presentations in front of. A trusted confidant that has access to thousands of municipal and private industry experts that can answer questions quickly when needed. Someone that I could call at anytime.

This is what MOE offers to you. This is what we pledge to you as a future customer.

We are not a giant company, so are rates are not high. We also pledge not to “flip the hourglass” every time you call; we will work with you to provide this service within your budget. All we ask for is an opportunity to talk with you.