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Solving today's problems; leaving a legacy for tomorrow

Municipal Operations Excellence, a sole proprietorship, (MOE), is a business consulting firm that assists municipal executives and public works managers.

Our goal is to help you solve everyday business problems.

In today's volatile economic times it is critical to analyze and mitigate all operational risk, operate efficiently with less resources, and transform the operation for the future. Elected Officials and their Tax/Rate Payers expect private business practices in everyday operations. The best leaders manage their public works organizations like a business, but not all do. Let us help you run your organization better.


MOE does not believe in standard industry answers or analysis without implementation. We know that custom solutions yield the greatest competitive advantage and value for our clients. Far too many public works organizations utilize older engineering principles to evaluate their infrastructure and organization. The issue is most advisors do not have any operational experience. We are the opposite.

Each person within MOE has operated a public works department and has successfully implemented change.

We are not saying that your current advisors do not provide value. Quite the contrary; we are saying that they provide excellent engineering or techincal services. In many cases, we can actually work together with your trusted advisors to provide you with more value than you are getting now.


As a new small business, MOE is hoping to have you as one of our new clients. We provide business consulting services at a very reasonable cost. Our services will be customized to your needs. The owner has worked with numerous public works entities, small, medium and large in the recent future. To name a few they are Braintree, MA, Wellesley, MA, Gloucester, MA, Utica, NY, Port Chester, NY, Buffalo Water Department, NY, Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority, PA and the New York City DEP, NY, NY.


MOE is a business consulting firm designed for the municipal public works field. We partner with clients from the public sector to identify their highest-value opportunities through analysis and benchmarking of their organizations, address their most critical challenges, transform their operations and provide cost savings.


David Archard

320 Newport Avenue
East Providence, RI 02916